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Too blank for words. Except these words, that is.


Life in general.


Life in general.

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day 1 again

11:18 p.m. on 2017-04-11

Last night I worked with an adorable toddler, and she had a terrible cold. Less than 12 hours later my throat hurts and the coughing is epic and hurty...I knew this would most likely be the only free night this week to get stuff done, and also probably the best i'd be feeling for a few days...but what did I do? I cooked a lasagna and ate 2 huge bowls of it along with homemade garlic bread and watched Project Mindy for approximately 16 hours...ok make that 6 but that's still A LOT of Mindy even though I love her.

I read both of her books back to back a few months ago and I loved them....I love her outlook and her process, and I'm glad I knew more about her before I saw the show! I love it even more with the backstory. I am loving all of the people who appear giving cameos as her 'would-be' boyfriends... I am about halfway through B.J. Novak's book of short stories and they were so smart and well written and just overall amazing and I never want them to end!

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